CAPNA Sanitizer - Based, Produced, Bottled and Fulfilled in the USA.

CAPNA Sanitizer was born and created by CAPNA Systems’ scientists and chemists wanting to make an impact during the COVID-19 Pandemic and SIP orders. A leader in machinery and fabrication utilizing chemicals and solvents for extraction, this Southern California company stepped in immediately. As pioneers of the ethanol extraction process, CAPNA is uniquely equipped to produce large quantities of high quality, high concentration ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer amidst this current COVID-19 health crisis.

The conversion of our facility, retraining of our employees, scientific testing of our new product line to meet CDC, FDA and WHO guidelines, acquisition of quality US made bottles, and creation of a new marketing campaign have all added up to a significant effort on the part of CAPNA. We did this with goal of becoming the largest producer and supplier of domestically made hand sanitizer in the USA, while saving the jobs of our CAPNA employees during significant economic challenges. At CAPNA, we are all proud to be part of the community assisting in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.

CAPNA Sanitizer is a fledgling company learning every day how to better serve our growing customer base. Please call us with any specific sanitizer needs, large or small, and we will be happy to work with you toward a goal. Whether it be private label, curb-side pickup, subscription service or another challenge we haven't come across, our sales team is anxious to talk to you.

Give us a call: (661) 263-4329